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Huskies are a dog breed from the northern hemisphere, Siberia and Alaska. They have a thick double coat and almond-shaped eyes to protect them from the harsh winter conditions in the north. They are bred to withstand temperatures as low as -50 degrees centigrade, harsh winter storms, and still be able to pull sleds.

With these conditions in mind, the modern Husky doesn’t have a problem exercising in the rain. Or going for a walk around the block in a rain shower. In fact, as far as the Husky is concerned, the cooler the weather, the better. And the rain makes the smells sharper for them to enjoy.

Are Huskies good In the rain. Luna, the grey and white Siberian Husky, and her brother Ralf, the black and white Siberian Husky, with little Meg, the small brown Spitz-type dog, on a cliff-path between the brush, on a coastal walk in Jersey in the rain. With a misty seascape in the background.

What weather do Huskies Like

The Husky is a sled dog, bred to pull sleds during harsh winter conditions. The Husky really enjoys running in poor weather conditions. As the temperature drops their metabolism picks up and they have more energy to run and play. You can expect your Husky to want their daily exercise routine to go for longer when the weather is bad. During Rain, wind, snow, or ice, your Husky will want to go out.

My Husky girl loves bad weather. She has more energy in cooler weather and is in her element! You will need some good all-around weatherproof clothing to exercise your Husky. She loves the snow and will happily lie out in it dozing.

Huskies are all-weather dogs, they enjoy good weather too. You just have to be careful that you don’t let them over-heat. In the summer it’s best to exercise in the morning or late evening when it’s not too hot and make sure that they have somewhere shady to rest and plenty of fresh drinking water.

In the summer I tend to be more mindful of the temperature, as my Husky will still want to run around, and will still want to go for a walk. It’s up to me as her responsible adult to make sure that she has her walk early or later on in the day, as I don’t want to put her at risk of heat exhaustion or over-heating.

How Much Exercise Does A Husky Need

Although you may not want to be out in the rain for too long, a healthy young Husky will want at least an hour’s walk a couple of times a day. And be warned, when it’s raining the smells are stronger, so your Husky will probably want to sniff everything, making the walk last longer.

Huskies can become quite frustrated and destructive if they have pent-up energy and no way to release it. Allowing them plenty of time to sniff during their walk lets them use their brains too. A good sniffy walk is beneficial for your dog, we call it an enrichment walk. Stimulate their brains as well as work them physically.

My Husky doesn’t like the rain

You may find that your Husky is reluctant to go out into the rain at first. This has less to do with the rain and more to do with the noise of the rain. Dog’s ears are very sensitive, and the rain can sound very loud to them. Usually, once your dog is outside they settle down and can enjoy their walk.

If the noise of the rain on the pavement or road is just too much, it may be worth heading to a park or field. The rain will sound different hitting grass and the moist ground will be full of smells for your Husky to explore.

If your Husky still seems unsettled in the rain or cold then it will be worth getting a check-up with your vet to make sure that there isn’t an underlying health condition. An ear infection or arthritis may be stopping your Husky from enjoying its daily jaunt.

Are Huskies Good in the Rain – My Conclusion

In general rain, wind, or snow doesn’t faze a Husky. They are happy to go out in all weather conditions. Unless there is an underlying health condition making it uncomfortable for your Husky to enjoy its walk or run.

If you find that your Husky is reluctant to exercise it is worth visiting your vet for a health check. Huskies generally love going for a walk or run, they aren’t really lapdogs who enjoy lazing around unless they are just back from their exercise!

I hope that you found this article helpful.

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