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  • Luna the blind grey and white siberian husky wearing a red and black harness, sitting on a grassy slope, head turned towards the camera, face happy and relaxed, with Knapps Loch and trees in the background

    Tips For Training a Blind Dog

    The idea of training a blind dog may seem daunting at first, but I can assure you that it’s not much different from training a sighted dog. Sometimes, it’s easier as the dog has no visual distractions. However, training should always begin in a low-distraction environment (blind dogs can have excellent hearing and sense of…

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  • Lead walking blind husky Luna

    Should I Walk My Blind Dog on The Same Route

    Your blind dog will still enjoy walking with you and sniffing its environment. Continuing your dog’s daily walking routine will also reduce the risk of your dog becoming depressed. Walking and playing with your dog reassures them that life is still fun and it is still able to enjoy life with you.

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  • Luna Blind Husky in the woods

    Is It Cruel To Keep A Blind Dog

    As long as your dog is still enjoying its life and is otherwise healthy, it is not cruel to keep a blind dog. Sight is not a dog’s primary sense. Instead, a dog relies on its nose and hearing before its eyes. Therefore, a blind dog can do as much as a sighted dog with…

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  • Games to play with a a blind dog, our blind husy Luna loves to play games

    Games To Play With A Blind Dog

    So if your dog suddenly loses sight, relearning to play will help boost their confidence. Of course, a dog who is born blind will not know any different but will still want and need to play.

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  • Living With A Blind Dog

    Living With A Blind Dog

    A blind dog can have a rich life full of fun and love just as well as a sighted dog. This is because dogs don’t rely on their sight as much as humans do; smell, hearing, and touch are more important to a dog than sight.

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