Category: Canine Nutrition

  • Understanding Dog Food Ingredient Labels. Round silver dog food bowl filled and overflowing with round kibble on a yellow background

    Understanding Dog Food Ingredient Labels

    Marketing for commercial dog food is intense, and many larger companies care more about profit than good nutrition for the dogs. Poor quality ingredients and unethical practices have resulted in new, better quality dog food companies appearing (however, some larger companies have started mimicking these ethical companies to get into the market with poorer quality…

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  • Can dogs eat figs. one fig halved showing the middle flesh with four whole figs behind on a wooden board with a green background

    Can Dogs Eat Figs

    Can Dogs Eat Figs? Yes, dogs can eat fresh figs in tiny amounts. Figs are a healthy treat rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals for humans. However, dogs have different nutritional needs. Introduce them gradually to monitor for any adverse reactions. Always consult your vet for personalized advice. Be aware that the other parts of…

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  • Can Dogs Eat Dried Cranberries. Image of dried cranberries

    Can Dogs Eat Dried Cranberries

    Can dogs eat dried cranberries? Yes, dogs can eat cranberries and dried cranberries in moderation. They offer health benefits, but too many may cause digestive issues. Always avoid added sugar or xylitol (also known as barch sugar). Consult your vet before introducing new foods.

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  • Can Dogs Eat Fish. Luna the grey and white Siberian Husky, wearing a red and black harness, walking through long grass next to water with a silver trout in her mouth

    Can Dogs Eat Fish

    Can Dogs Eat Fish? Yes, dogs can eat fish. Fish is a good protein and omega-3 fatty acids source, benefiting their coat and overall health. However, ensure it’s cooked, boneless, and free of added seasonings or spices to avoid potential health issues.

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  • Can Dogs Eat Eggs. Various brown/cream covered eggs

    Can Dogs Eat Eggs

    Can Dogs Eat Eggs? Yes, dogs can eat eggs. Eggs are a nutritious source of protein and essential nutrients for dogs. Limit the quantity and avoid adding salt or spices. Always consult your vet for individual dietary recommendations.

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  • Can Dogs Eat Crackers. Screen full of square brown crackers

    Can Dogs Eat Crackers

    Can Dogs Eat Crackers? No, dogs should not eat crackers. Crackers contain salt and other additives like sugar that can harm dogs. Stick to a balanced canine diet and opt for treats specifically for dogs.

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  • Can Dogs Eat Doritos. Open orange pack of doritos with the chips falling out of the bag onto a wooden table.

    Can Dogs Eat Doritos

    Can Dogs Eat Doritos? No, dogs should not eat Doritos. The high salt, artificial flavors, and spices can be harmful. These ingredients may cause digestive issues, sodium ion poisoning, or even pancreatitis in dogs. Avoid giving Doritos to ensure your dog’s health and save on vet bills.

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  • Can dogs eat dried apricots. dried apricot slices

    Can Dogs Eat Dried Apricots

    Can Dogs Eat Dried Apricots? Yes, dogs can eat pitted, dried apricots in moderation. The pits, stems, and leaves contain compounds that can harm dogs, such as cyanide. Consumption of these parts may lead to toxicity; only the flesh of the apricot is safe to give to your dog.

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  • Can dogs eat dragon fruit. pink and green dragon fruit covering the image

    Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit

    Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit? Yes, dogs can eat dragon fruit in moderation. It’s safe and non-toxic, providing vitamins, fiber, and hydration. Remove the skin before feeding. However, excessive consumption may cause digestive issues. Always consult your vet before introducing new foods.

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  • Can Dogs Eat Donuts. Various different types of donuts and pastries.

    Can Dogs Eat Donuts

    Can Dogs Eat Donuts? No, dogs should not eat donuts. Donuts are high in sugar and fat and may contain ingredients harmful to dogs, leading to obesity and digestive issues. Additionally, the sugary glaze and toppings can be toxic. Plus, donuts are deep-fried, and this can cause digestive upset. Stick to a dog-friendly diet to…

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