Will Dog Pee Kill Your Grass



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Congratulations! You’ve finally got your dog housetrained, and they’re peeing outside. It’s a real feeling of success. Weeks of hard work have finally paid off, and your furry friend regularly does their business outside instead of inside.

But now you have noticed weird brown patches all over your lawn. The bad news is that, unfortunately, dog pee does kill your grass. Dog Urine is high in nitrates.

Will Dog Pee Kill Your Grass. A yellow terrier dog, squatting to pee in clover covered grass.

Why Does Dog Pee Kill Grass

The reason that dog pee kills grass is that it’s naturally high in nitrates. Even though lawn fertilizer contains nitrates, like most things in life, too much of a good thing is bad for you, and your lawn is no different. Concentrated nitrates in one spot will scorch your lawn, especially if your pup has a favorite area they like to water!

Is a Female Dog’s Pee Worse Than a Male Dog’s Pee

It may seem like a female dog does more damage to your grass than a male dog, and it would be natural to assume that the female dog’s pee has more nitrates. However, it has less to do with the nitrates in their pee and everything to do with how male and female dogs pee. Both male and female dogs have high nitrates in their urine.

A male dog is more likely to cock its leg against a post or a tree and pee, whereas a female dog will squat and pee on the grass. This is why it seems like a female’s pee is worse than a male’s.

How Can I Stop The Dog Pee Killing My Grass

There are ways to reduce your anxiety if you are lawn-proud and can’t stand the brown patches.

  • Section off an area of your garden and train your dog to do their business there.
  • Take your dog out for a walk first thing, then regularly throughout the day.
  • Water the pee area after your dog has been. This will dilute the nitrates.
  • Keep your grass a little longer and water the pee area after your dog has been.
  • Make sure your dog is well hydrated as this will dilute their urine.
  • Add water to their dry kibble or switch to wet food.

Ways To Save Your Lawn from Dog Pee

You can save your lawn in several ways, and they don’t all have to cost a fortune.

  • Reseed your lawn using a hard-wearing mix seed, such as perennial ryegrass.
  • Let your grass grow slightly longer than you usually would, and this will lessen the damage.
  • Consider buying a Pee Post to encourage your dog to pee in one area; many options are available on Amazon.
  • When you see your pup peeing in an area, water it down using a hose or watering can.
  • Laying down some bark, mulch or stones in an area for your dog to pee.

Can I Give My Dog Supplements To Reduce The Nitrate in Its Urine

Some supplements on the market claim to reduce nitrates in your dog’s urine. However, speaking to your vet before putting your dog on any supplements would be best. You do not want to change your dog’s urine pH level as this will cause problems. The pH level in your dog’s urine doesn’t affect the brown patches on your lawn; the nitrate is the lawn killer.

The safest option is to make sure that your dog is well hydrated. This not only makes sure your dog stays refreshed but it also dilutes the nitrate in their urine. You can encourage your dog to drink more by dropping a chicken broth ice cube in their water bowl and giving them seedless watermelon, blueberries, and slices of seedless apple.

Last word on Dog Pee Killing Your Grass

I would much rather have a few brown patches in my garden than big puddles in my home! The brown patches can be easily dealt with, and it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to repair your lawn. I always ensure that my Husky has enough fresh water, but I also know I will have to reseed some of my lawn as I don’t always see when she pees, and I have some lovely brown patches. The patches don’t concern me much as I know the grass will recover. I’m just relieved that my Husky is going outside and not inside!

I hope that you found this article helpful.

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