Which Dogs Smell The Least?



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Dogs are fantastic!  They are loyal, loving, and make great additions to your home.  This is a decision that should never be taken lightly and there are many things to think about before making that addition to your family.  Such as, do you have the room?  Will the dog be alone most of the time?  Can you afford the vet bills and care of a dog?

As well as a dog’s temperament and how much exercise it will need, you also need to consider how much time for grooming you will have, as some dogs need more grooming than others.

Let’s not forget the infamous ‘dog smell’, some dogs naturally have a stronger odor than others.  And there are some breeds that have skin conditions and are prone to health conditions that can make them a bit stinky.  So if you have a sensitive nose, this is an important factor before bringing a dog into your home!

Dog Smells

Just like us humans, dogs do smell, but there are some breeds that have a less doggy smell than others.

Of course, many things can affect your dog’s smell no matter what the breed is.  A poor diet can affect the smell of your dog’s coat as well as their breath, so a good quality dog food is essential.  A fish-rich diet can make their breath, skin, and coat smell a bit fishy.

Problems with their teeth and skin conditions have a large effect on the smell of the dog.  And there are breeds which are known to be less dog smelling but prone to teeth and skin problems.

Poor grooming will also affect the smell of the dog, which is why you need to take into account how much time for grooming you will have.

Don’t forget that many dogs like to roll in the mud and other stinky things that they find outside!  So make sure that you have the facilities to give your dog a bath when they need it.

10 Dog Breeds With The Least Doggy Smells

There are many lists of least stinky dogs out there, listing many different breeds.

These are some of the breeds that seem to cross each of these lists:


Which Dogs Smell the Least. Dalmatian standing on the sand with its head high.

The Dalmatian has a short dense coat, so it tends not to smell too much. It will need regular brushing though to keep it looking fabulous and reduce shedding, and plenty of exercises regularly.


Which Dogs Smell The Least. Brown and white Whippet walking on the grass.

The Whippet has a short-haired coat that doesn’t shed much and doesn’t have a strong odor. It’s a medium-size dog that will need regular exercise but won’t stink up your home.


Which Dogs Smell The Least. Brown and white Basenji sitting on the grass.

The Basenji originally comes from Africa and has a short-haired coat. The lack of smell from the Basenji made it ideal as a hunting dog.  They also tend not to bark but howl instead.  They also don’t shed much.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Which Dogs Smell The Least. Black Kerry Blue Terrier standing on a red floor with a white wall behind it.

The Kerry Blue Terrier has a thick curly coat that sheds very little and has no doggy odor. Originally from Ireland used to hunt, herd and guard.  A beautiful medium-sized dog.


Which Dogs Smell The Least. Black Poodle standing on the grass with trees in the background.

Whether it’s a toy poodle, miniature poodle, or a standard poodle, they all have the same coat. Poodles are great dogs for people who want a dog who won’t shed much, they don’t smell much either.  However, Poodles are prone to teeth problems, so owners of this breed need to be extra vigilant in dental care.

Portuguese Water Dog

Which Dogs Smell The Least. Black Portuguese Water Dog jumping over agility jumping poles, with people and agility equipment in the background.

The Portuguese Water Dog, originally from Portugal – as the name suggests, was used for retrieving game from the water. They have a thin curly coat which doesn’t shed much.

Bichon Frise

Which Dogs Smell The Least. White Bichon Frise standing on a dark background.

The Bichon Frise is a small dog with a single layer coat, which helps with the lack of smell. They don’t shed, but they also don’t have an excess wax build up on their skin to produce odors.  Bichon Frise is quite energetic and needs regular exercise.


Which Dogs Smell The Least. White Samoyed lying on sand with the sea in the background.

The Samoyed is a medium/large dog, with lots of energy and fur but no doggy smell. This bundle of fur will need a lot of exercise and plenty of brushing to keep its coat looking top dog.


Which Dogs Smell The Least. Tan-colored Pomeranian lying on a wooden floor.

The Pomeranian is a small energetic dog, who is a real people pleaser. They don’t shed much and they don’t have a strong doggy smell.  You will, however, need to set time aside for bushing to keep the coat nice and tangle-free.

Siberian Husky

Which Dogs Smell The Least. Ralf, the black and white Siberian Husky, standing next to Luna, the grey and white Siberian Husky on the grass with a roof and trees in the background.

The Siberian Husky is double-coated, this helps them stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are energetic playful medium-sized dogs who love everyone!  They do shed, a lot, but they don’t have a doggy smell, even when they are wet.  I am quite biased as I have a husky, but many husky owners say the same and are quite often missed off these lists.

Summary of Which Dogs Smell The Least

Regardless of the breed of the dog that you choose, especially if you choose a breed that has little or no doggy smell, it’s important to remember that its diet and grooming will have an impact on its odor!

I hope that you found this article helpful.  Good luck with choosing your dog and enjoy your companion.

Images sourced from pixabay.com and Wikimedia Commons.

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