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Cats are loveable creatures who enjoy being around us. They are happy to be cuddled up on our laps and be showered with affection. They are quick and agile, moving with a speed that can be breathtaking. They enjoy rubbing themselves around our legs, which isn’t always a problem.

Any cat person will tell you that it can get quite dicey when they decide to weave through your legs when walking! It’s even more treacherous if you happen to be on the stairs at the time.

I accidentally stood on my cat. A Brown stripped tabby cat on a concrete path, with an arched back and raised hackles.

Most people who live with cats will tell you that they have stood on them accidentally, whether when they are running around your feet or lying, and you don’t see them. Unfortunately, my cat likes to camouflage himself on the stairs, which has caused a few incidents for him and us. Most accidents don’t end in serious injuries, thank goodness.

Will I hurt my cat if I stand on them

Fortunately for our furry friends, there’s a good chance that you won’t cause serious injury when you step on them. But this will depend on several factors, namely:

  • Did you put your full weight on them.
  • Are you wearing heavy shoes.
  • Which part of the cat did you step on.
  • Is your cat healthy.
  • Does your cat have any pre-existing conditions.

Our reflexes are better than we give ourselves credit for. For example, we tend not to put our total weight down if we feel something underfoot. Additionally, your cat will probably meow at you and move out of the way, making you shift your weight away from them and further reducing the risk of causing severe injury to your cat.

If, however, you are wearing heavy shoes, and you do put your total weight on your cat, it will cause an injury. How severe the damage will depend on where on their body you trod on them and how heavily you stood on them.

Standing on their paws or the end of their tail will hurt them. But unless you really stomped on them, they should recover. Consult your vet to get your furry friend checked over if you have any doubts.

Standing on their body could cause a lot of damage. Like us, they have a lot of internal organs and their ribs and spine. In addition, cats are tiny compared to humans, so too much weight could injure them.

What should I do if I step on my cat

If you do step on your cat, take a breath. It’s very upsetting to hurt our pets, even accidentally. You and your pet will be startled and shocked, so stop and breathe. This will help calm you and give you a chance to think.

  1. Breathe.
  2. Think about how hard you put your foot down.
  3. Look at your cat.
  4. Is your cat moving normally.
  5. Gently pet your cat, especially in areas you may have stood on. Cats do not like their paws being touched, so don’t be surprised if they react poorly to you trying to touch them.
  6. Watch how your cat moves. Is it moving normally?
  7. Wait a few minutes, then gently pet your cat again, watching for adverse reactions to your touch on specific areas.

Suppose your cat shows unusual sensitivity to your touch in any particular area or moves around with difficulty. In that case, you should make an appointment for a vet check-up. The best advice is to contact your vet if you have any concerns about your cat. Better to be safe than sorry.

Will my cat forgive me if I step on it

It can be very upsetting to hurt our beloved pets, and it’s understandable to worry if our cat will forgive us for hurting them. However, gentle petting and a few treats may be in order after the initial shock. Luckily for us, our pets don’t hold grudges. Although, I do sometimes wonder when my cat is weaving through my legs when I’m on the stairs!

What should I do if I did hurt my cat

Suppose your cat has a pre-existing medical condition or injury, and you notice that they are moving or reacting differently to how they usually do. In that case, you should contact your vet immediately. They will want the details of what happened and give you the best advice on what to do next.

Your vet is the very best person to offer medical advice and assistance. If you have trodden on your cat, they won’t judge you. Instead, they will help your cat as best as they can.

I hope that you have found this article helpful.

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