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Huskies are beautiful dogs, full of energy and fun. They are known for their striking markings and thick fluffy coats. But, as Huskies have a double coat, you might wonder how to keep those fluffy coats clean and healthy.

For a healthy, clean Husky, you only need to bathe them 3 or 4 times a year, which is great news for us Husky guardians. Of course, depending on your dog, it may require fewer or more baths, but a reasonable estimate is 3 or 4 times a year.

How Often Should You Bathe a Husky. Luna, the grey and white blind Siberian Husky swimming in the Loch with boats and fields in the background.

Why Don’t Huskies Need a Bath Often

Huskies not only have a thick double coat but are assiduously clean dogs, very cat-like in their grooming routines. In addition, huskies regularly groom themselves, maintaining a naturally healthy coat and oils. This regular grooming reduces the dog smell often present in other breeds.

Some Husky owners never bathe their dogs simply because they don’t need it. My Husky, however, gets a bath whenever she needs it. Unfortunately, this usually is after she has rolled in something disgusting, like dead fish or fox poop. But I try to keep the shampoo use to a minimum, as I don’t want to ruin her natural oils and skin balance.

The best way to keep your Huskies coat clean and healthy is by regularly brushing with a rake comb, which helps de-matt the undercoat; this also helps remove any loose undercoat, then finish off with a slicker brush. The slicker brush helps remove any loose outer coat fur.

Regular brushing during the Husky coat-blowing season (twice a year) helps keep the fur under control. Don’t get me wrong, the fur still seems never-ending and gets everywhere, but regular brushing makes it a bit better around the home.

What Shampoo Should Be Used For Huskies

When you have to shampoo your Husky, opt for a mild oatmeal shampoo that is kinder to sensitive skin, and designed for dogs, even if your Husky doesn’t have sensitive skin. A gentler oatmeal dog shampoo will clean your Husky but won’t affect the natural oils and pH balance of your Huskies skin and coat. Skin conditions can arise when the skin is irritated or the natural pH balance is off.

Bathing Tips for Huskies

You will see many funny videos on YouTube of Huskies getting bathed, sounding like they are being murdered. Unfortunately, as funny as these videos are, they aren’t too far from the truth! Huskies can be total drama queens, especially regarding bath time. My Husky loves to swim in stagnant ponds, lochs, rivers, and the sea but balks at bath time!

How Often Should You Bathe a Husky. Luna, the grey and white blind Siberian Husky getting a shower in a white tile bath.

Some tips for making bath time less stressful are:

  • Give the coat a good brush before you bathe your Husky.
  • Make sure the water is room temperature – not hot and not cold.
  • Have the towels ready for the end of the bath.
  • Wet your Husky from the head downwards.
  • Distraction with something like a lick mat can help.
  • Talk to your Husky while bathing to help comfort them.
  • Shampoo from the feet upwards, massaging the shampoo into the fur as you go.
  • Rinse from the head downwards; make sure not to get any soap in the eyes.
  • Rinse again to ensure all the soap is gone.
  • Rinse again; they have lots of fur, and a little bit of soap can cause a skin irritation.
  • Thoroughly dry your Husky – expect to use at least 3 large bath towels.
  • Use a pet dryer to loosen any undercoat and dry the skin – do not use a hot setting!

When your Husky is totally dry, use the rake comb and the slicker brush to finish off.

Final Thoughts on Bathing Your Husky

The Husky coat is impressive; it looks fantastic and is so distinctive. But more than that, it does an excellent job of keeping Huskies warm in the cold weather and cool in the warm weather. Overbathing risks ruining the natural protection of the coat and oils, causing skin irritations and regular treatment from a vet.

My Husky goes swimming almost daily; however, I don’t shampoo her unless I really need to. Nature has done a fabulous job with the Husky coat, and I don’t intend to upset the balance! However, bathing when necessary and regular brushing is the key to a healthy Husky coat.

We hope you found this article helpful.

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