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Technology has come a long way. Finally, we can track our daily activities and health statistics, so it was only a matter of time before we could track our best friends’ activities and health statistics. Our pets are part of our family, and we want them to live a long and healthy life. Technology is now in a position to help with that.

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Why do I need a fitness tracker for my dog

There are many reasons that you might consider getting a fitness tracker for your dog. To help with the decision, let’s look at the main features of what most trackers do. I’ve selected the Sure Petcare Animo as an example:

  • Stores data gathered and creates a calendar of activity and behavior. This information can be shared with other household members or your vet.
  • Tracks activity throughout the day. After the first 7 days, it uses the information as a standard baseline for your dog.
  • Records changes in behavior, such as barking, shaking, and scratching. After the first 14 days of recording your dog’s behavior, it uses this information as a standard baseline for your dog.
  • Tracks sleep and quality of sleep.
  • Tracks rest periods.
  • Records calories burned.
  • Sends alerts to your app on your phone.
  • Waterproof.
  • 6-month battery life.
  • Small and lightweight, it attaches to your dog’s collar.
  • Compare your dog’s statistics with other dogs of the same breed and age.

Some trackers also offer a GPS option. However, it is possible to buy a GPS tracker for your dog without the other elements.

Your dog’s daily exercise

Fitbits for dogs allow you to track how much activity your dog engages in daily. In addition, you can compare what your dog is doing with dogs of the same age and breed. This enables you to see if your dog is getting as much exercise as it should be getting.

Alternatively, it can also show if you are over-exercising your dog. For example, suppose your dog finds a specific walk or runs too much for it. The data will show your dog’s recovery time or if it finds particular routes stressful.

Changes in Your Dog’s Behavior

Tracking the dog’s behavior is a very useful feature. It alerts your device, letting you know that something has changed with your pet. If you have a nervous or reactive pet, this feature will allow you to track and analyze what may be triggering your dog. For example, there may be a pattern you previously have not picked up.

This feature will also alert you that something has changed for your pet. It allows you to ensure their physical and mental well-being before it becomes an issue.

Sleep and Resting Monitoring for Your Dog

We all need a good night’s sleep and enough downtime to function properly. That goes for our furry friends too. A night of poor sleep can cause irritability and a lack of energy during the day. As people, we can let each other know that we’re tired, but our dogs can’t verbalize that they’re tired. However, the information sent to the app will let us know if our dog is well-rested or if they need a more leisurely day.

If your dog is not resting well over some time, it could indicate an underlying medical condition that needs attention, such as arthritis. It is always worth getting a check-up with your vet to ensure there is nothing wrong.

Counting Your Dog’s Calories

It’s so easy to over-feed your pet. This app will tell you how much calories your dog should be getting and how many calories it is burning off daily. Weight management is essential for our dogs, as overweight dogs are more at risk of arthritis and heart problems.

Just like over-feeding, it is easy to under-feed your dog. However, if your dog is very active, it may need more calories than it’s getting. The app will be able to help you maintain your dog’s ideal weight.

Waterproof Fitbits for Your Dog

If your dog is like mine and enjoys going for a swim, you will need a waterproof fitness tracker. It is also a good idea to get a waterproof tracker if you live in an area with rain regularly.

Small and Lightweight Fitness Trackers for Your Dog

Most dog fitness trackers are well designed, small, lightweight, and sturdy. The designers know that dogs like to play and explore. So the trackers are small and light enough to sit on your dog’s collars without bothering them.

Battery Life on Fitness Trackers for Your Dog

Before buying a fitness tracker for your dog, you need to know that the battery won’t need charging every other day. Thankfully most trackers now offer at least 3 months of battery life. For example, the Petsure Animo provides a 6-month battery life.

Final Thoughts on Fitness Trackers for Your Dog

There are many different brands of fitness trackers for dogs on the market. You should ask yourself what you are looking for from the tracker and select one based on your needs. They are a good investment if your dog has specific needs and you want to keep track of it. Personally, I like the behavior tracking feature, as I think this is an excellent early warning system for your dog’s welfare. The feature alerts you before your dog has to try to let you know that they aren’t comfortable or happy about something.

I hope that you found this article helpful.

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