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Dog Breeds

Choosing a breed of dog that will be a good fit for you, your family and lifestyle is a very important decision. Research on the breed of dog which suits you is very important. Each breed is known for its own set of characteristics. There are breeds of dogs without health issues, which may also be another factor when choosing a dog.

Some breeds are known to be very energetic, e.g. a Siberian Husky.  Getting a Siberian Husky would not be a good fit for someone who doesn’t like to walk much. A Siberian Husky needs a lot of regular exercise and training.

On the other side of the scale are breeds who are content to be lapdogs, e.g. a Pug.  A Pug wouldn’t be a good fit for someone who loves going for long treks through rough terrain. Pugs don’t require much exercise at all and are quite happy to lay around most of the time.

However, you must remember that each dog will have its own personality and characteristics as well as some of the breed characteristics. Many of the dog’s traits will come from its parents as well as its very early experiences.

Dog Breed Characteristics

Brain Training For Dogs

Dogs are well known for the characteristics of their breed, but it is important to realize that not every dog of a specific breed will have the ‘known’ characteristics. For example, not every German Shephard would make a good police dog or guard dog. Not every Labrador would be a good service dog.

Every dog regardless of the breed is influenced by the nature of their parents, and the very early experiences of their lives. This is why it is important when buying a puppy, to visit the home and see the puppies with their mum several times before agreeing to the purchase.

With rescues, however, this is not always possible, and you should never assume that because the rescue is a certain breed that it will automatically have the desired characteristics that you are looking for. Again, it is important to visit the dog several times to examine its behavior and listen to what the rescuers tell you about the dog, as they will have assessed it continually since its arrival.

Dogs Without Health Issues

Some dog breeds are known to be susceptible to health issues. Before you take on a dog breed which is known to be prone to certain health issues, you must seriously consider if you are able to care for it and pay the vet fees. Be aware that some pet insurance policies do not cover a pet for breed-specific illnesses.

Getting a dog breed with no known health issues does not mean that your dog will not get ill. With the proper care and if the dog is from a reputable breeder it means you should have your dog for a long time. The years in the list below are general for guidance only. Poor or unethical dog breeding has affected some dog breeds. Meaning that a breed you would not expect to have health issues can have them.

Here is a list of some dog breeds without known health issues.

Siberian Husky

10  Dogs Without Health Issues. Ralf, a Black and white Siberian Husky next to Luna, a Grey and white Siberian Husky, in a garden with a roof and trees in the background.

Not a dog for the faint-hearted! Siberian Huskies are friendly playful dogs, who love to run. They are affectionate but can be mischievous, and tend to be independent, so they will need someone who is confident and willing to put in a lot of hours training and providing exercise. Looked after well a Siberian Husky can live up to around 12 years. To find out more about Huskies read my article History of The Siberian Husky to Help Understand Their Traits.


10 Dogs Without Health Issues. A tan, black, and white Beagle standing on the grass next to a tennis ball.

Beagles are very friendly and great with kids. They do like to bark and howl and should be trained from an early age.  Beagles like their food, which can make training easy, but they can also put on weight easily too. A Beagle who is looked after well can live up to 15 years.

Shiba Inu

10 Dogs Without Health Issues. A red Shiba Inu standing on top of a silver circle ledge in a park with a bench and trees in the background.

Shiba Inu needs a confident, patient person to train them from an early age. They don’t do well with children or other pets, as they are very territorial.
Early training and socialization are essential for this breed. Shibas can live to around 16 years if they are cared for properly.

Australian Shepherd

10 Dogs Without Health Issues. A black, tan, and white Australian Shepherd lying on a path with bushes and grass at the sides.

The Australian Shepherd has a lot of energy and would suit someone who loves being outside a lot! Australian Shepherds are intelligent, friendly, playful, and easy to train. An Australian Shepherd can live up to 15 years.

English Foxhound

10 Dogs Without Health Issues. White and black English Foxhound on the grass playing with a dark toy.

The English Foxhound is an intelligent, friendly and playful dog. It’s good with children and other pets.  It likes to follow its nose, so it’s a good idea to have a secure area and make sure you have it microchipped in case it takes itself off on a nose expedition. An English Foxhound can live to around 13 years.

English Springer Spaniel / Springer Spaniel

10 Dogs Without Health Issues. White and black English Springer Spaniel licking its nose and standing on grass.

The Springer Spaniel is an energic breed who loves being with their human. They are intelligent, obedient, easy to train and do well in agility sports.
The English Springer Spaniel can live up to 15 years if properly cared for.


10 Dogs Without Health Issues. Brown Chihuahua sitting on a white rug, with trees in the background.

A Chihuahua is a small dog that is happy to be a lapdog. The Chihuahua is one of the breeds that have been affected by unethical breeders. They were inbred which has led to high numbers of unhealthy Chihuahuas. From a good reputable breeder, a Chihuahua which is cared for properly can live up to 20 years.


10 Dogs Without Health Issues. Grey and white Greyhound running on sand with bushes in the background.

The Greyhound is an intelligent, energetic, loyal dog that is easy to train. They are affectionate and good with children and other pets. They are lean and have a thin coat and don’t do well in the cold.
A Greyhound can live for around 13 years.

German Shorthaired Pointers

10 Dogs Without Health Issues. Two black German Shorthaired Pointers lying on grass.

The German Shorthaired Pointer has a shorthaired coat which means that it doesn’t shed much. A friendly, playful intelligent dog that is easy to train. This is an energic breed that will need plenty of regular exercise and training. The German Shorthaired Pointer can live up to 14 years.

Labrador Retriever

10 Dogs Without Health Issues. Yellow Labrador Retriever sitting on the grass with trees in the background.

Labradors are a very popular breed and are another breed that has been affected by unethical breeders. The Labrador is a real people pleaser dog, making them very easy to train. They are very friendly and playful, making them good with children and other pets. They love their food and it’s important not to let them become overweight. A well looked after Labrador can live for around 13 years.

Last thoughts on dog breeds

This is only a shortlist of some of the breeds of dogs without health issues, and should only be used as a general guide. As I have mentioned before, getting a breed-specific dog does not mean that your dog is immune.

If you are going to buy a puppy, it is important that you do your research on the breeder.  There are many unethical breeders and puppy farms around. Always insist on seeing your pup with its mum in its environment several times. Ask to see the health records of the mum, dad, and the pups.  A reputable breeder will want to do a house check to see that the pup is going to people who are suitable and have a suitable environment for the pup.

The last thing you want to do is bring home a poor puppy with multiple health issues, or worse a pup who dies.

Images sourced from pixabay.com and Wikimedia Commons.

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