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When you think of chew toys for your pets, it is natural to only think of chew toys for dogs. However, some cats do like to chew, and many chew toys are available. It may take trial and error to find one or two that your cat likes, and of course, it’s essential to find one suitable for your cat’s age and needs. Most cat chews have catnip inside to make them more appealing to your feline friend.

Chew Toys For Cats. Brown- and black-striped cat lying on its side, with a black string in its mouth and a purple feather toy held in it's front paws.

Cat’s in the wild

Cats in the wild like to stalk, pounce and eat their prey. Many cat toys are designed to mimic your cat’s predatory instincts. Cat chew toys should be sturdy enough to survive your cat’s pouncing, batting, and chewing. It is also a good idea to choose chew toys that are cleaned easily.

Many cats like a softer chew toy that they can hold onto easily, and the texture is similar to that of their natural prey. However, the downside to these chews is that they can become ripped apart quickly and easily.

Soft or Hard Chew Toys for Cats

The type of chew toy you decide on for your cat will depend on your cat’s age and preference. For example, a soft chew is safer for a kitten but will be easily ripped open by an older, more aggressive chewer cat. On the other hand, for an aggressive chewer, a tougher chew toy will last longer. When trialing a new chew toy, observing your cat is the best way to see if the new toy is suitable for it.

Cat playtime

Some cats don’t need a chew toy. They are happy to stalk, pounce and bat their toys around. Again, observing your cat will allow you to see if they need or want a chew toy. My cat isn’t interested in chewing; he will chase and pounce on his toy, occasionally grappling and kicking it with his back paws.

However, if you find that your cat is chewing things around your house, it’s time to start looking for a safer, more beneficial chew toy. Luckily, local pet stores and online shopping such as Chewy and Amazon have many different chew toys to choose from. Including many that clean your cats’ teeth to promote healthy teeth and gums.

Things to consider When Buying Cat Chew Toys

Before spending a small fortune on chew toys, think about what would benefit your cat.

  • Kitten or younger cats will benefit from a softer chew toy while teething and help protect their teeth. However, teething in kittens usually passes by around 7 months old.
  • An older cat will benefit from a softer chew toy as a harder chew toy might be too much for older teeth.
  • An aggressive chewer will need a sturdier chew toy.
  • What texture does your cat prefer.
  • Would your cat benefit from a dental chew toy.

Cat Chewing Can Be A Medical Condition

If you find that your cat is an overly avid chewer and often chews inappropriate things, it may be worth getting them checked over by your vet, as Pica is a known abnormal behavior in cats. Pica can often signify stress, dental issues, or digestive problems in cats. To find out more about abnormal behaviors in cats, click here.

Final Thoughts on Cat Chew Toys

Generally speaking, many cats aren’t interested in chewing. I know that mine isn’t. However, if you have a cat that likes to chew, it’s essential to give them something appropriate to chew on. Check out these chews on Amazon. Rember to observe how your cat plays and what textures they prefer; this will help you narrow your search for a good chew toy.

I hope that you found this article helpful.

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