Can I use CBD Oil for my Dog?



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Can I use CBD Oil for my Dog? In short, yes, you can give your dog CBD oil. However, you must be extremely careful of the quality of CBD oil you give your pet and the dosage of CBD oil. It is always a good idea to speak to your vet before introducing a new supplement or medicine to your pet.

There are no CBD oils that are just for pets, so the CBD oil that you would buy is human-grade CBD oil. Which means that it is safe for humans and pets. However, you must be very careful of the dosage that you give your dog, especially if you have a small dog.

What can CBD oil be used for?

Just like in humans, CBD oil can help treat seizures, stress, anxiety, nausea, back pain, arthritis, and gastrointestinal problems in dogs. It can also help the symptoms of cancer. Again, if your pet is suffering from any of these issues please do not self-medicate your pet without speaking to your vet first.

The positive thing about CBD oil is that it doesn’t have nasty side effects, which makes it good for treating dogs and humans.

Can I Use CBD Oil For My Dog. A black bottle of CBD oil with a gold and black pipette lid sits on a burlap cloth next to a green plant and a black pot with seeds, with greenery in the background.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and the oil is derived from the cannabis or hemp plant. The thought of taking something from the cannabis/marijuana plant can be off-putting for some people because of the stigma.

However, CBD will not produce a ‘high’ if it is taken. The ‘high’ that you get from cannabis/marijuana comes from THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol also found in the plant.

Some CBD products contain small amounts of THC. Research is showing that in small amounts it can help alleviate symptoms, but the small amounts in some CBD are still not enough to produce the ‘high’.

CBD is now being used to treat Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, two severe childhood epilepsy syndromes. Which is the main area where most of the research has so far been done? CBD helps reduce seizures and in some cases stopping the seizures.

CBD does also seem to help reduce anxiety and insomnia in humans. There are also suggestions that can help provide some relief for those suffering from chronic pain. As CBD inhibits inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

CBD Oil for Arthritis and Back Pain

I have osteoarthritis in my knee and have started using CBD oil daily to see if it helps. It’s a supplement that I take in the morning and I have been taking it for a few weeks now. I do still have pain in my knee, but I find that I am able to move my knee a lot easier, it seems to reduce the ‘catching’ motion in my knee and it definitely feels a bit less painful.

I forgot to take my supplement one morning and by lunchtime my knee was feeling really painful. So for me, I would say that it does seem to be helping. So far I haven’t experienced any negative side effects with it. I may increase my dosage in time to see if this reduces the pain even further.

I personally know a few people who give CBD oil to their dogs to help with arthritis, and they swear by it. Their dogs do seem to be able to move around easier and they don’t have any tummy upsets or nasty side effects, that some prescription pain meds can sometimes cause. So for them CBD oil does seem to have a positive effect.

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CBD Oil for Anxiety and Stress

Firework displays can be very stressful for pets. The loud sudden noises can be just too much for them. Although thunder shirts and plugins can work for some pets, others find that their dogs are still really stressed. And it can be upsetting for an owner to see their beloved pet so distressed.

Some people have started giving their dogs CBD oil on the lead up to big fireworks displays to help them stay calm. As CBD can help reduce anxiety and stress without any side effects or upset tummies it can really be a relief for the dog and their owner.

Finding the right dosage for your dog can help alleviate any stress or anxiety it may have. The dog is still alert but a lot calmer.

It may be worth trying CBD oil if your dog gets stressed when traveling or going into an unfamiliar setting. Some dogs are just naturally more anxious, and CBD oil could be the supplement needed to relax your dog in general. There are no side effects as long as you are careful with the dosage and choose a good quality CBD oil.

CBD Oil for Nausea and Gastrointestinal Problems

Used in conjunction with prescribed medication, CBD oil can help settle stomach upsets that some prescribed medicines can cause. It can stimulate the appetite and allow your pet to begin eating again.

Some cancer treatments leave dogs feeling nauseous and unable to eat, becoming weak due to a lack of nutrition. As CBD oil can alleviate nausea and stimulate the appetite it can work with the cancer treatment and help the dog deal with the treatment and still receive the nourishment it needs to recover.

CBD Oil for Seizures

Using CBD oil to treat epilepsy and seizures in humans has received a lot of research, and CBD oil has been found to have fantastic results in dealing with them. Just like with humans, CBD oil can have a positive impact on your dog if they suffer from seizures. Which can be great news for your dog!

Does CBD oil have side effects?

This is the part that I really like about CBD oil, it has no serious or life-threatening side effects for humans or dogs. Obviously using the correct dosage is essential, and having a good quality CBD oil from a reputable supplier is strongly advised.

In humans, CBD oil can cause fatigue, nausea, and irritability. In dogs, they may be a bit calmer or their poop may be looser. Correct dosage really is the key, and speaking to your vet or a vet who has experience in CBD oil really is best.

You have to be really careful in choosing which CBD oil you buy as a study by Bonn-Miller posted on WebMD states that 7 out of 10 CBD oils did not contain the amount of CBD which was stated on the label. Almost 43% of products contained not enough CBD and around 26% contained too much CBD. But the most disturbing part of this study was that 1 in 5 CBD oils contained THC!

This is where dog owners really need to be careful. THC is toxic to dogs! This is why speaking to a vet who has experience with CBD oil is key. They can point you in the direction of a reputable supplier and give you advice on dosage.

Can I overdose on my dog with CBD oil?

Like any medicine or supplement you can overdose. Unless your CBD oil has a very high level of THC it shouldn’t be fatal for your dog. You may find that your dog is unable to move around or eat for a day or so, they may also have a very loose poop.

However, if you do think that you have given too much then you should take your dog to the vet immediately. Better to be safe than sorry.

PetMD states that ‘life-threatening risks for dogs from medical cannabis are “exceedingly rare”….toxicity more often occurs when a pet has eaten a product that contains chocolate, coffee, or raisins. That said, the ingestion of large amounts of marijuana has been fatal in a number of dogs, so preventing overdoses with medical cannabis is still extremely important, warns Dr. Jennifer Coates, a veterinary advisor with petMD.

It is worth knowing that Hemp CBD has lower amounts of THC than Cannabis CBD.

Can I Use CBD Oil For My Dog. A brown bottle with yellow CBD oil in an orange and black pippin lid, sat on a green leaf, on a brown wooden table.

How do I give my dog CBD oil?

Most CBD oil products are liquid and come in a little bottle with a dropper or pipette. Some come in a spray, capsule, or a paste.

For a dog, I would say that the liquid form would be best as it can be easily mixed into the dogs’ food or water. Some dogs may also be happy to lick the oil straight from the pipette. However, if it is a glass pipette please ensure that your dog doesn’t bite down on it. You don’t want your dog to cut its mouth.

At the moment there isn’t enough research been done on all the applications where CBD can help medically. As time progresses I’m sure that more research will be done and more uses for CBD oil will be found.

And CBD is still unregulated. This is why you must speak to your vet before giving your dog CBD. And always ensure you buy good quality CBD oil from a reputable supplier. I would never buy CBD from the internet without advice from a professional, because of the recent findings on some CBD products.

Some vets have more experience than others with CBD and will be able to give you advice on dosage and on a reputable supplier of CBD. But more and more vets are taking an active interest in the uses of CBD oil with pets. If your own vet doesn’t have experience in CBD oil then they will likely be able to put you in touch with one who does.

With the right advice, the right product, and working with your vet, it is possible to give your dog the best help. After all, we all want our dogs to be living their best life.

Good luck and I hope that this article was helpful.

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