Recommended Treats for Chewers

pig ear chew

There are lots of dog treats on the market, so knowing which treats to choose from can be tricky, not to mention a waste of money. The range is immense, from training treats to chewing treats that last longer than a few seconds. Finding treats for heavy chewing dogs is a bit of a minefield, as you don’t want anything too hard because they can break a tooth.

I have created a list of some of my go-to treats that my Husky enjoys.

A favorite in my house is pigs ears. These last up to 20 minutes with my Husky. They are quite fatty, so my Husky doesn’t get one daily. Pig ears can smell quite strong, so your dog will enjoy them. The added bonus is that they can help to clean your dog’s teeth. I find it’s more cost-effective to bulk buy pigs ears.

Another good treat for chewing and cleaning teeth is cow ears. Cow ears last about 20-30 minutes for my Husky. A bit more expensive than pigs ears, so these are not bought as often. In the UK, we get cow ears with hair on, and the hair helps clean the teeth.

Duck strips are a big favorite for my Husky. I will break them up into smaller pieces and use them for training. If my Husky has been a very good girl, she’ll get a duck strip. It lasts less than a minute, though!

Yak Chews are expensive; however, they last a while, so they are worth it. This is something used to keep your dog occupied, but it is also a healthy treat.

Dental chews are always handy at home; sometimes, your dog may need extra cleaning help. I opt for the Greenies dental chews. They tend to last around 10 minutes.