Dog Harness

Choosing a good harness for your dog is extremely important. You want to choose a harness that puts no pressure on the shoulders, neck, or spine but that will also give you some control over your dog.

I always choose a Y-shaped 2-point harness; although my Husky can loose lead walk now, we both find this type of harness comfortable. Since my Husky is now blind, I have opted for a Y-shaped 2-point harness with a handle which is useful if I need to guide her.

Some of my favorites are:

Xtradog These harnesses are great and can also create ‘made to measure’ harnesses. I love the double-ended lead, too, as it’s very comfortable in my hand. The lead can be adjusted to give your dog more freedom or shortened when necessary.

Luna Xtra dog 2-point harness

Luna wearing Y-shaped 2-point harness with handle

I am currently using a Pets at Home Y-shaped 2-point harness for my Husky. It has a handle on the back if she needs extra guidance.

Amazon Petsafe also does a Y-shaped 2-point harness. It’s basic but it works.