Dog Grooming Products

recommended grooming products

Keeping your dog clean and unmatted can be challenging, especially with so many products on the market.

I have a Husky, and she will happily go for a swim in the sea, the river, the Loch, or a big stinky pond. However, when it comes to bath time, it’s a whole different story! I only bathe Luna when she needs it, Huskies don’t need baths too often, you don’t want to ruin their coat.

For this reason, I like to keep it simple. Here are some products that I use to keep Luna clean and help with her deshedding.

Bugalugs Dog Shampoo

I like the oatmeal shampoo for my Husky, as it’s kinder to her skin. I have found that this brand also smells nice and leaves her fur silky soft. I chose this brand because the name is very similar to what I would call Luna when she was being a buggerlugs!

I buy Bugalugs from Amazon. Bugalugs have a wide range of products.

recommended pet dryers

After bathing a Husky, it can take up to 6 bath towels to get them almost dry! Another reason I got the pet dryer is to help with the seasonal blowing of the coat. The pet dryer is great for blasting off the old undercoat and loosening the fur.

I got my pet dryer from Amazon in the UK. The equivalent pet dryer can be found on this link.

recommended deshedding rake

Once my Husky’s fur is dry, it’s time to brush. I have been using this Mikki Anti Tangle rake for years. It’s great and gets all the old undercoat off. Using a rake and brush with a Husky is important, not something that shaves the fur, as this will damage your Husky’s coat.

Pecute Slicker Brush

The slicker brush is used to finish the grooming; it removes the loose fur from the top coat. I got this new pecute slicker brush from Amazon; it’s excellent! Not only does it remove the loose top coat hairs, but it also gets the old undercoat fur too. In addition, it has plastic nobbles on the end of the bristles to make it more comfortable, and as a bonus, the button on the handle pulls back the bristles to make removing the fur easier. I have to say; this was a good buy!