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My name is Holly Cranfield. From a young age I have been fascinated by animals, I constantly found myself surrounded by them. I was also obsessed with huskies, so much so that I wrote a letter to my parents trying to persuade them to adopt one. It’s clear my persuasion worked. From then on, I learned how to care for our husky and be a proper owner. I loved going on walks in the evening after school with my mum, spending time with both was the epitome of peace for me. Since becoming the owner of both a dog and a cat, I’ve been able to learn their behaviours and how they differ as species. I’ve been able to apply this knowledge to other breeds and animals. People truly underestimate the power of learning through day-today life and experience. I hope to let you all know the knowledge I’ve learnt through this, it’s likely many of you will also relate to it!.

Holly’s Latest Articles

  • Why your dog looks so happy when you scratch its ears

    Why your dog looks so happy when you scratch its ears

    Studies have shown that petting or rubbing your dog’s ears releases endorphins. Your dog’s ears have many nerve endings that react when rubbed.

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  • Will Dog Pee Ruin Artificial Grass

    Will Dog Pee Ruin Artificial Grass

    Dog urine can range from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline (between pH 5.5-pH 8). If your artificial grass does not have proper backing underneath it, this can result in the urine getting trapped and absorbed, leading to unpleasant smells being released.

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  • How Often Does A Husky Go Into Heat

    How Often Does A Husky Go Into Heat

    Small female dogs may go into heat three times a year compared to larger breeds that may have a season once a year. Every dog is different, so it’s hard to say exactly how often it happens.

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