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  • Dog Aggression Basics. Picture of a dog showing its teeth.

    Dog Aggression Basics

    Welcome to the complex world of dog aggression, a subject that can be as perplexing as it is distressing. It’s not easy when your beloved dog displays aggressive behaviour. But don’t worry; you’re not alone on this journey. Understanding dog aggression is like piecing together a challenging puzzle – each piece is critical to seeing…

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  • Introducing The Collar And Leash. Picture of a Husky standing with a collar and leash

    Introducing The Collar And Leash

    If you’ve just welcomed a wiggly bundle of furry joy into your home, you’re gearing up for the next milestone: getting that adorable pup acquainted with its new collar and leash. If your little puppy is anything like every other playful pup out there, they will probably give the new collar and leash the side-eye.…

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  • How To Potty Bell Train Your Puppy. Picture of a dog sitting looking at bell.

    How To Potty Bell Train Your Puppy

    Imagine this: you’re in the zone with work or soaking up some peaceful solitude, and then—yep, there it is—that telltale wet spot on the carpet. Wouldn’t it be great if your puppy could give you a heads-up before those little “toileting” accidents? We know all too well that the path to potty training is littered…

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  • Dog Submissive Urination: Urinates When Anxious Or Nervous. Puppy sitting next to a small puddle of urination.

    Dog Submissive (Appeasement) Urination: Urinates When Anxious Or Nervous

    As dog lovers, it is important to understand the mix of emotions when your dog’s excitement leads to an unexpected puddle on the floor. Submissive (appeasement) urination is more than inconvenient; it reflects your dog’s internal stress or desire to show deference. It’s easy to mistake these moments for acts of defiance, but often, they’re…

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  • Say hello for the socially unsure puppy. Picture of a dog on lead running with a person

    Say Hello For The Socially Unsure Puppy

    Welcoming a new puppy into your home is like opening the door to endless joy—those tail wags and adorable nose boops are pure magic. But, not every pup is an instant socialite at the sight of new people; some might retreat with anxious energy rather than bound forward with playful tail wags. It’s common for…

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  • Signs Trouble Is Brewing Within Your Dog, with picture of a dog biting a persons hand.

    Signs Trouble Is Brewing Within Your Dog

    Have you noticed your usually cheerful dog beginning to act a little off? Perhaps they’ve been turning a deaf ear to commands or crowding your personal space more than usual. These small changes can be disconcerting, leaving you with that nagging feeling that something’s not quite right with your dog. Like us, your dog has…

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  • Typical Interactions Between Puppies and Adult Dogs. Image of an adult dog and a puppy laying on the grass.

    Typical Interactions Between Puppies And Adult Dogs

    Just like people, dogs have their own system for getting along with each other. Puppies don’t come into this world knowing all about doggy manners; they learn the ropes through hanging out with grown-up dogs. These moments are more than just cute; they’re essential lessons in bite control and social cues. Mature, calm dogs often…

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  • You're Grounded What is Grounding for Dogs, with an image of a dog laying down.

    You’re Grounded! What is Grounding for Dogs

    Have you ever seen a restless pup transform into a calm, cooperative companion? That’s the magic of grounding for dogs, a technique that gently steers dogs towards better behaviour by weaving obedience (cooperation) into their everyday routines. What is Grounding for Dogs? Grounding is like teaching your dog to say “please” before getting what they…

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  • 12 Steps To The Name Game Focus Training. Luna the grey and white siberian husky wearing a black and red harness walking towards the camera on green grass

    12 Steps To The Name Game Focus Training

    Focus training is the foundation of dog training. To teach your dog anything, your dog needs to focus on you and be listening. These basic steps (the name game) are the foundation for dog training. Keep the game to around 5 minutes, 2 or 3 times throughout the day. Best of all, they are fun…

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  • Understanding Different Types of Dog Training Terminology. Luna the blind grey and white siberian husky where black and red harness on the left, with Ludo the yellow Golden Retrievers wearing a blue collar, both stood bodies facing forward and heads turned to the left on grass with green leaves in the background

    Understanding Different Types of Dog Training Terminology

    There are different types of trainers and training in the dog training world. This article hopes to highlight and explain the various terminology used, and give an understanding of how dogs communicate and learn.

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